Case Study: Work Order Tracking

This customer assembles and manufactures Connectors and Harnesses for the Airline industry, their products take anywhere between 5 minutes to 14 days to assemble. Their challenge was:

  • How many orders are being worked on right now?
  • What is the status of each order?
  • Are the orders on time?

These questions can be answered if they use SAP or any other ERP system, the problem was they had to go through multiple processes and approvals just to enable it and wait a lot longer to customize to their specification.

Enter Clarity. We were able to go from the first meeting to a demo in 2 months.

An overview of a step tracker available to all operators for work order tracking
An overview of a step tracker available to all operators

Our Work Order Tracking solution allowed work operators to login via their id cards using a mobile NFC reader attached to a mobile tablet. Once authenticated, an operator is able to start a step in the work order, view instructions, which tool to use and complete the step.

Floor Supervisors were given a dashboard projected on a TV overlooking assembly lines with an overview of works orders along with a colour coded step in each work order, green – on time, blinking yellow – ongoing, and red – delayed.

Managers were given access to a reports dashboard that allowed them to view the performance of each part(how many completed on time) and operators(their step performance). This insight helped find which non-performing part or employee needs optimisation(step flow) or undergo skill training once again.

Work Order Tracking was only one of the many modules we built for them

Unlike our other modules, Work Order Tracking is a profit center product that gives direct visibility towards meeting the company’s goals that brings in a great value for the investment. The client was able to see an immediate change in revenue once the visibility of the work orders, allowed them to make quick changes that brought positive numbers to their balance sheet.

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