Case Study: Shopify Custom Product Management System

In 2020, a Swiss-French cosmetic conglomerate was hit by covid restrictions like every other retail business. Their Malta distributor reached out to us directly via and asked us to help create an online store as soon as possible.

We had to follow their brand guidelines and were able to build a quick prototype in a few weeks. The work involved building a lot of Shopify custom theme sections with their own styles. Impressed with our work, the HQ tasked us to setup Shopify stores for their other distributors around the world and in a span of 2 years, we were able to build and setup close to 30 stores in different languages.

The brand which sells cosmetics had custom fields like benefits, application area, ingredients to show in a particular format of the product page. We leveraged Shopify Product Metafields for this and displayed information using Liquid.

The challenge with all of these stores was product content and these metafields’s. Clarity built a custom product management system using DotNet C# and Angular, rendered as a custom embedded app on each Shopify store.

We leveraged Shopify Admin GraphQL API to read/ product data along with metafield’s. The application performed the following tasks:

  • List product data, quick search and filter to find the product to edit.
  • Add product manually or fetch via the brands internal PIM(Product Information System)
  • Fetch product images from another internal tool belonging to the brand and upload the latest images to the relevant products.
  • Manage product information in multiple languages using Shopify Locale API.
  • Allow the distributor to import/export product info in bulk using XLSX format, one worksheet for each language

With this solution, the brand was able to onboard countries that did not have a website before onto Shopify in less than 10 weeks, something that would take months before.

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