Selfie Flash


Our first Android App! Selfie Flash is a camera app which features an onscreen flash when the users captures a photo. We’ve crossed over 70000 app downloads on the Google Play Store and have an app rating of 4+.

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Let businesses find you with just your phone number.

FindMeNow is an app for you and a business with an aim to shorten the time it takes for a business to find your address with just your phone number.

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Spot the color

spot the color logo
Spot the color, our first game, is one of those casual games with a minimalistic design style that help you test your observation skill or improve it.

The goal is very simple, you are presented with a grid of colors and you must spot the one that is slightly different than the others. Once you pick the correct one you advance to the next grid with the purpose of getting the highest possible score.

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