Online Testing and Certification – eTest


The client’s requirement was to have a system which allowed them to accomplish the following:

  1. Have online courses in the form of uploaded documents which the users can download.
  2. Online tests in which questions can be added and removed at any time.
  3. The online tests should be automatically evaluated and the results immediately available.
  4. Automatically send emails to users and invite them to the course.
  5. The application should be able to host multiple courses at a time with independent courseware, tests and users simultaneously.



Our solution was a web application based on ASP.Net and using a MS SQL database. This application allowed independent simultaneous courses to be run simultaneously. After configuring a course, the client could upload an excel sheet with the names and email addresses of the user who were to take the course. Once the upload was complete, the admin could initiate the course. On initiation, the system would send out welcome mails with links to the application. The users could then study the course material and take the test within the specified time limit.
Tests in the application were broken into sections. Each section had independent questions and the user could answer the sections in any order. Question types include dropdown lists, radio buttons, check boxes, test boxes etc. Automatic scoring is used to allow for an immediate result. Access control was available to restrict user access and the application was connected to the enterprise directory system which allows for enterprise login credentials to be used.