Email Query Management System

Email Query Management System


The client required a Email Query Management System to help them manage email queries. The emails were received into an inbox and processed by the users. Some of the email queries required additional information from the sender and emails were sent to the sender. On receiving a reply, processing of the email query continued. Usually the same user handled a single query until it was closed.
The clients requirements were:

  1. Help the team lead distribute emails among the team.
  2. Assign ticket number to each email query.
  3. Track email queries and the emails sent between the users and senders.
  4. Auto route replies to the correct user.
  5. Providing information on the current status of the system.


The Email Query Management System we provided consists of two main modules. The first module sent and received the emails. It integrated to the clients mailing system shared a database with the second module. The second module provided the interface for the users to interact with the system. This module assigned ticket numbers to new email queries. The module would recognize previous email queries by the presence of a ticket number in the subject. Such emails were directly sent to the correct user. New email queries were displayed to the team lead who could sort the same to the correct user. The team lead could also transfer tickets to other departments by forwarding the email. Users process email queries directly on the second module. The user is able to reply to email queries and mark the ticket closed. The user can also request for more information and send an email. Such tickets will be in the pending queue until a reply comes. The team lead also uses the second module for reporting and tracking from three main listing. They are Pending, In Progress and Completed. The users try to move all the tickets into the completed queue by processing them. The ticket moves from the Pending queue to the In Progress queue once a user starts processing.