Data Transfer to ERP


The customer (“Customer”), a multi national BPO, manages business processes of its clients (“Client”) in insurance, banking and other verticals from its locations situated across the world. The Customer wishes to improve the efficiency of one of its processes dealing with HR Record Updates. The bpo process deals with Employee data and record management and is manned by a 25 member team. The team captures, tracks, modifies and reports large amounts of employee related data through a Web Centric ERP application. The data is received
through email and is validated and transferred to the ERP application through a Web interface.

The entire process is time consuming, prone to errors and is not scalable. The data validation requires the agent to refer to multiple sources of information for verifying the data. The data is then transferred manually by the agent to the web application and this is error prone.


The solution provided by us automates most parts of the process.

  1. The tool reads the downloaded mail.
  2. The tool automatically interacts with multiple applications to verify and validate the data.
  3. Pre-defined validation rules are applied to the data to detect invalid data.
  4. The data is then transferred automatically to the ERP Web application.



Our solution generated significant benefits in business and operational value.

  1. Service level agreements for quality and time of response have been met.
  2. Higher productivity: Increased capability to handle higher volumes.
  3. Simplification of Training: Effort required to train the employee is reduced.
  4. Effectively handle seasonal spikes.