Data Extraction and Reporting


The client had a requirement to extract reports from a number of files. These files were system generated of csv format (a type of excel format). The files were collected daily by the users and reports made. Information from many files are then combined to generate the reports. The users would spend a number of hours to process these reports daily. The reports had a fixed format and simple statistical information. All the information in the reports originate from the source files. After the reports were made, the reports are sent via email to a number of different people.


Our solution was a web application based on ASP .Net and using a MS SQL database. The application required the users to upload the relevant raw files on a daily basis. At the time of uploading, the raw files were processed to extract the relevant information. Once the upload was complete, the reports were available to the users. We chose a web platform to facilitate easy data extraction of the reports. Access control was available to restrict user access and the application was connected to the enterprise directory system which allows for enterprise login credentials to be used.

The following additional features were added to the Data Extraction and Reporting tool:

  1. Historic data was available for reference at any time via the portal.
  2. The user could update the system with new data at any time by uploading new csv files
  3. The final reports could be customized for different user types by allowing certain information to be hidden